if I setForceView on the root node to true, the children still get culled. Is this how it’s suppost to work?

That’s intended behavior, the flag is on a per node basis. Would you like all children to inherit this flag?

That seems the intuitive way to do it, right? Otherwise, when I load a node from a file format, how do I force everything in the file format to be rendered?

ForceView is a debugging tool, i.e. should never be used in a real app. So I’m a little curious what you are using for (if it’s more than debugging).

But, I’ll add that to the list, having children also be force viewed/culled when those flags are set.

It’d debugging. Because bounding volumes aren’t working right, I need to do that to see what I’m loading sometimes.

Gotcha, the issue has been submitted into the tracker… quick and easy fix, I’ll do it tonight when I get home. (I’ll finally commit something after about 2 months)!!!

Ok, setting ForceView on a Node will also set it for all that node’s children now.

Let me know if this accomplishes what you needed.