Rotate geometry normal to drag mouse movement

Hi all

I’d like to rotate a sphere normally to mouse direction.

I tried

ChaseCamera chaseCam = new ChaseCamera(cam, inputManager);


bu it is not normal to mouse movements.

Any idea?



stop opening up a new thread. We all have problems in understanding what you really want so neither I nor nehon could help you. Draw a picture or whatever. What do you mean with “normally to mouse direction”? Do you mean along the up-vector? Or a perpendicular vector by means of a cross-product??

ok i have a sphere and i drag the mouse on it.

I want that this sphere rotates on axis perpendicular to mouse movement line.

I’d like to do a simulation of a mouse ball.You move the ball of the mouse and it moves perpendicular to movements.

Hope to be clear

Maybe you can find a video on youtube where the camera behaves in the same manner that you are trying to describe?