Rotate Worm with CharacterControl attached


In the game I’m currently working on I’ve got a worm(animal) which should move randomly around the map. Because of that I tried to attach a CharacterControl with a CapsuleCollisionShape to the worm spatial and move it via setWalkDirection. But the worm also needs to rotate and so I tried to set the ViewDirection on the control. But then the spatial rotates but the collisionShape doesn’t. But it’s important that the collisionShape does rotate, too, because the worm is long and does not collide with the world correctly when the collisionShape is out of place.

How can I solve this?

Thanks for your answer :).

the collision shape of the character control cannot rotate.

Okay thanks. But how would I do a control for a npc like a worm? When I use physics the worm could fall over or show other strange behaviour.

You con continuously set its linear and angular velocity or use a kinematic node.

Create a collision shape for the head of the worm, then make the tail follow it (or do segments with a collision shape for each segment).