Rotating bones


I have got a milkshape model of a human hand and I want to move the bones/joints. The model has got a skeleton. I don’t want to use precalculated keyframes, because the hand should respond to finger movements captured by a data glove.

I didn’t find a tutorial. so if someone can show me code, that it is fine; If someone could point me to the correct tutorial/topic that is also fine or even better…

Basically, just tell me what to read and where I can find it;

How do I access the bones/joints and how do I rotate them?

What version of JME?

I use the JME3

“3” is only part of version.

i belive question is: do you use 3.3+ or lower?

The version I use is ‘3.2.4-stable’.

The version I use is ‘3.2.4-stable’.Can you give me some advice? I have been puzzled by this problem for many days.

im currently not in work-place, i always look at ctrl-space(available methods) in SDK/IDE :slight_smile:

Generally you should look for something like(naming can be different):

spatial.getControl(AnimControl.class).getArmature().getBone(“someBone”).someRotateMethod(some params)

also i would suggest look at JMETests Project examples.

cant help more from here, anyway im using 3.3 now.

Ok, thank you.

ok, i see you trully want parse glove data to set bone rotations, something like kinect.

Im not sure if there are some similar solutions done, like there are for VR. You might also want look for ready solutions that would speed-up your work.(see how someone manipulate bones there)

For example, you might also want to look at Minie InverseKinematics solutions.

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Could you please give me a link to Minie InverseKinematics solutions?:grinning:

i thought of it because you said just about “hand” so it might be helpfull.

see video and code is below(it show legs IK, but i seen hand IK video somewhere too):

and here i found hand IK:

There are Tests inside as i know, so you can see if some Test already have bone manipulation you need.

Also im not sure if there is 3.2 version, or if its only for 3.3

if you will have questions about it, i belive @sgold could help you.

But please note, if you want manipulate ALL bones of character via Kinect source, then manual positioning of bones will be easier and you dont even need IK. This solution could be helpfull only for “some character part bone manipulation”

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Thank you very much.