I need a model to be rotated according to the person press the “Q” and "E "… If Q is pressures, the model rotates to the left. If E is pressed, the model rotates to the right …

how I could do this using the matrix or quaternion?

i read it: , but not understand

Pardon me if I sound ignorant (I'm still learning JME), but is there a reason you want to use a matrix to rotate a model?

private void setKeyBindings(String api) {
        KeyBindingManager keyboard = KeyBindingManager.getKeyBindingManager();

        keyboard.set("turnRight", KeyInput.KEY_E);
        keyboard.set("turnLeft", KeyInput.KEY_Q);

private void setActions(Spatial node) {
        KeyNodeRotateRightAction rotateRight = new KeyNodeRotateRightAction(node, 5f);
        addAction(rotateRight, "turnRight", true);
        KeyNodeRotateLeftAction rotateLeft = new KeyNodeRotateLeftAction(node, 5f);
        addAction(rotateLeft, "turnLeft", true);

Couldn't you just rotate the models node like we all learned in Flag Rush? Or is there some advantage to using a matrix that I'm missing? :?

I'm not so sure he knows flagrush :stuck_out_tongue:

For me the fastest way to rotate a node for a certain amount of degree:

      Quaternion rotLeft = new Quaternion();
      rotLeft.fromAngleAxis(3*FastMath.DEG_TO_RAD, Vector3f.UNIT_Y);
      Node n = new Node();
      // rotate n about 3 deg to left (might right don't know the direction of positiv or negative degrees
      // rotate again


Worked very well.

thank you very much!