[RotW] Return of the Warlord

[RotW] - Return of the Warlord

Project name: Return of the Warlord

Game type:  Shooter

Links:  Dev-Blog

License:  We will see, but definitely for free :wink:

Recruiting  3D Artist/Animator, Designer for the Menu

Contact:  Creativ

Status: In Development


RotW is a Online/LAN Multiplayer-Shooter, in which you can play against your Friends or other People around the World. There are currently two different Game Modes: Team-Deathmatch and Capture the Zombie. In Team-Deathmatch you can just play against another Team and in Capture the Zombie you have to Capture the Zombie, who is moving around on the Map, of the other Team and bring it back to your own Zombie, who is also moving around. So you never know where exactly the Zombie is.

RotW also has different Weapons: You got from the Beginning the Pistol and the Portal-Gun, which enables you to create Portals like in the Game Portal, so you can “beam” yourself from one place to another. But you can only player your Portals on some Places. You can also get the Rifle, which does more Damage than the Pistol. The Damage also depends on where you hit the Opponent, so e.g. if you hit the Player in the Foot it won’t damage him that much.

You can also create your Maps with the Mapeditor we are working on.

Used API’s:

  • jME2

  • JGN

  • JBullet-jme

Active Members:




Project Leader



Nice Work!

Cool! Keep rocking like this!

Capture the Zombie? Now that's a zombie game mode you usually don't see that often :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you actually at the point where you can create/join a game, shoot others and win?

funny idea about this mode, will you have a zombie on your back when you catch him?  :-o

Thanks for your compliments!

You can already create/join games, shoot others and there is already a score implemented, but currently the game would never end.

I'll try to put the Zombie on the back of the Player who got the Zombie :smiley: But since I'm not a really good 3D-Artists it could take a while.

Will you lure the zombie with a trail of brains collected from fallen enemies?

No seriously, nice work there, keep it up!

btw, what kind of 3d models do you need? Might have something sitting around, I doubt it but you never know.

Well…pretty much i could use all 3d-Models that would make the levels look more fun.

For Example simple Trees, bushes or just rocks.

And i could need a Model of a Knife kinda like the Knife in Counter Strike.

So if somebody got some Models, just send me a Message or post here :slight_smile:

Ah sorry man, I'm pretty void of prop models, made some trees once but they went way too far over any acceptable polygon limit.

Just wanted to let you know we are still alive :smiley:

But Exams are getting closer and closer so we don’t have that much time. Anyway here are some new Screenshots:

As you can see we integrated Grenades into the Game and also a Vehicle, with which you can drive around.

I hope you like it


This is looking up to be JME's most promising FPS project :slight_smile:

Thanks, but i'm not quite sure if the game is really that good :smiley:

Anyways, we just published a first alpha of the Game.

So if you want to check it out, just go to http://bazinga.ld-network.de, download the game and try it.

Since it's still a pretty early version there are probably many bugs. So it would be nice if you could post the Bugs you find.

If you want to play with or against me, just contact me :slight_smile:

I hope it can keep up to your expectations.

Creativ said:

Thanks, but i'm not quite sure if the game is really that good :D
Not to downplay what you've achieved so far, but JME does not have a very strong record of noteworthy games in the FPS genre ;) Not counting JackNeil's excellent GrappleHook, there aren't JME games around to play the more traditional shoot-the-other-guy FPS.

Congrats on your first alpha! Gave it a spin on an Inspiron 1720, x64 Ubuntu 9.10, GeForce 8600

I can safely confirm that no bugs came at me with deadly intent. I quite enjoyed myself just sprinting about for 10 minutes. It's cool that you've mixed the genres a bit, bringing in both jumppads and portals!

My character was no big fan of stairs :P That's where a lot of odd stuff happened... Like running across the descending gap like it was covered with glass, and walking up while seeing the textures being torn apart. I was surprised to see your selection of maps; tried 2, 3 to go.

One GUI element that confused me a lot was the in-game map selection. When popping up the menu, I repeatedly clicked 'change map', expecting it to show me a map selection; instead it brought me straight back into the game... I'd suggest either making it do what I had expected, or changing the UI to make the map-name itself clickable, while 'Change Map' just acts as a descriptive heading.

Thanks for testing it :smiley:

The Stairs are still a little buggy :smiley:

But I'm not quite sure what you mean with the textures being torn apart and do you mean the gap in the Map "Gap"?

There should be a Button on the ground and then a bridge appears, but other then that you should usually just fall down and die.

It would be great if you could be a little more specific so i can fix it :slight_smile:

I will change the Map-Change stuff so you can click on the Mapname and it will change the Map.

I keep falling off the platform that you start on when beginning a new LAN game :frowning:

@erlend_sh: I think i now what you mean with walking on glass.


This is a small Bug in the Map 4Platforms.

Currently the best Map is probably Gap, followed by Iceworld and Hall, so you should probably try one of them. They should work.

Do you still need a knife?

Got a lot of things on my computer^^

Yeah…it would be really cool :slight_smile:

The current Knife doesn't look that good.

I'm also currently working on another Gamemode.

I think it's a lot of fun, even if you play alone :slight_smile:

I will show you some Pics later :wink:



Anything else? :smiley:

Currently not, but Thanks! :slight_smile:

But i got a problem with the Knife.

There is some kind of boundingbox around the model.

Here’s a Screenshot:

Where does this BoundingBox come from?