Ruby slim and wiki

I have been trying to learn about slim and ruby and have come to the conclusions its absolute crap. Its not worth the effort and for the life of me I cannot understand why it was even used. It saves no time on anything. Its more terse and laborious than any code I have ever tried to learn.

The documentation on it is non-existent or miniscule at best. Almost the worst project documentation I have ever come across.

It has been abandoned as a project and will die shortly barring some intervention. Thank god.

I would like to rip the entire thing out of the wiki and change to something else.

Alternative suggestions on what to do with it are welcome because I am done with it.

Paraphrasing an old regex joke…
“Some people think that any problem can be solved with Ruby… then they have two problems.”

I have a pretty strong dislike for Ruby already… so you have my vote if something better can be found. I don’t really know what it was doing, though.

Whenever I had to do any processing on my github wiki pages, I always just did some groovy code inside gradle. It wasn’t automatically run or anything… just something I ran locally before pushing updates.