Run configurations (in eclipse)

when i try to run something as a java application, there are 2 things that can happen:

  1. he sets my screen on 640X480 px, and after that, nothing more happens

    or 2) just nothing happens :stuck_out_tongue:

    is this maby something in my run configurations? I can't find what i am doing wrong

see this topic:

any output in the Eclipse console?  If I remember your other thread correctly, you had the native library issues ironed out (or never actually gave you any grief)…  Is Jmetest working for you?  (Right-Click -> Run As -> Java Application)

Good Luck mi hombre :slight_smile:

Hm no jmetest isn’t working either…

I am ashamed to ask but if i don’t have an output, how do i get one in eclipse? :stuck_out_tongue:

here is another screenshot (i think this can be easier to find the problem :p)

i see in that screenshot it is the same problem that i have, i recreated my workspace with the cacoa swt_fake.jar file, but i still have the same problem. In his topic he says that it would be better using the cacoa version of eclipse instead of the carbon, should i reinstall eclipse with the cacoa or do you think this wont make any sence?

edit: Ok for the moment i got everything working.

when i look at the code, everything is so new for me, are there any links or tutorials where functions are explained and what they do? I tried editing the file it's quite cool, and i've added some more boxes and spheres.

But the background is just BLACK :stuck_out_tongue: how can i change that?

Read through the wiki and most important check out all the Test* classes of the jmetest package.

Almost every feature of jME is used in a Test, thats the best way to learn i think.

You will also find the Flagrush Tutorial in the jmetest package, which creates a small game in 8 'lessons'.

i can't find the full test of flagrush, only the lessons