Running jme and a jframe simentaneously >_<

:smiley: Hello everyone,

I'm making a 3d binding for my gridworld project :smiley: It comes with a 2d gui which i will use for editing the grid, and i will add a 3d window for the displaying of the 3d grid. How can i alternate between the jme and jframe windows (I'm using simplegame) >< The SimpleGame configuration does not let the mouse stray from the window, so i'm not sure what i would have to do to make this system work? I have no intention of integrating the two if it requires integrating the swing into jme (jdesktop doesn't like the frame at all). So i guess boiled down, my questions are:

>is there a way i can alternate the focus from the simple game to the jframe with the 2d gui?

>if not, how can i use the old gui along with the jme 3d viewport without having to stick it in the jmedesktop/reprogram it?

>If possible, can i somehow embed the two windows into a larger window?

Sorry for the trouble, and i hope the question isn't too strange/difficult. I just really want to salvage some of the original gui since it was bug free and a great way to edit the 3d world >

Answers and links to some documentation would be great :slight_smile:

Did you take a look at RenParticleEditor and RenControlEditor in the jmetest package?