Runtime Crash when forceOculus=true

Hey guys,

I’m trying to set up a very simple OculusVR Application extended from the basic game example provided by jme.

To do that I have followed some old instructions from Google Code Wiki and the old Support Topic from this hub. I’m using the JAR files from the jmonkeyengine-oculus-rift project.

I also have read that, to make tests I could set the last parameter (forceOculus) to true. However, whenever I change that to true, the animation crashes as soon as I press the “Continue” button on jme GUI.

Here is my code:

public class Main extends OVRApplication {
        public static Main myApp;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        myApp= new Main();
        myApp.preconfigureOVRApp(false, false, false, true); //<<<<<<The Problem

And here is the error log I get from the crash:

Am I using old files or something? Is there some place I can get the latest version of them?
Any info you can provide me is going to be extremely helpful!


It looks like you’re using the legacy project from google code?
I recommend you switch to GitHub - phr00t/jMonkeyVR: Easy, free & universal VR development solution: jMonkeyEngine + OpenVR/OSVR = develop on any operating system, for any operating system, for any VR device (Rift, Vive, FOVE, StarVR, OSVR etc.). Supports SteamVR & rendering via instancing, which can greatly improve performance!
This is the most feature-rich VR-project for jMonkeyEngine right now. It’s designed for OpenVR but works with Oculus Rift as well.


Thanks for that @rickard, should help a lot.

Also, any place where I can find a proper guide on how to install phr00t’s version of jME?
I’m pretty new to this and I’m facing some difficulties…

I tried to add the new ‘.jar’ files to the libraries path into my project, however it returns a version error when I run the program…

Are you using Java 8+? What is the exact version error you get?

I solved the problems. Tried to follow some of the tips given above.
Thanks for the help!