Same shape used by several geometries?


I want to have several objects which are of same size and shape, say a cube of unit lenth, positioned at diff locations in scene.

Do I need to make separate Box for each geometry or just make one and it can be shared by all of my geometries?



and if all those geometries are of same material and have same physics properties, then can I just create single material and rigidbodycontrol with all geometries sharing them…or again i ned to do it separately.

so i looked into physics tutorial and it says that shape and material can be shared by different geometries.

But it creates separate rigidbodycontrol for every geometry.

Yes you can share mesh, material, and collision shape. The rest you will need to duplicate


btw, does one really need to use collisionshapes?i see that not much change happens in behaviour of the program if i use collisionshape…mine are basic shape objects, cylinder to be precise.

A collision shape is always used. If you don’t specify one, then one is generated for you.