Sample Game - Plug Race

Continuing the discussion from Artstyle and back-ground story of the sample game:

As stated above I’ve expanded the gameplay, this topic will give you what i come with and will be used to get feedback about it. Before starting i need to mention that i don’t know what other race have as gameplay, so i’ve keeped myself in the scope of SC2 gameplay concidering that the other race are terran - protoss - zerg. That’s said let start.

Plug Gameplay (W.I.P) :

  • Is divided on three main part : Mech / Bio-Mech / Bio

Mech Army unit

Well they are robot, mainly heavy unit.
They are build using the “Factory Mech”
There is 3 Mech Unit : Melee / Distance / Air (they haven’t any name yet)

###Melee :
(similar to zealot)
Type : ground / medium speed (maybe hight speed) / high HP
Weapon : Light Daguer (medium dmg / medium reload / hit ground) (this weapon don’t hit twice)


(similar to marine)
Type : ground / medium speed / medium HP
Weapon : gun (medium dmg / high reload / hit ground & air)


(similar to pheonix)
Type : air / high speed / medium HP
Weapon : laser beam (medium dmg / medium reload / hit air)
Capacity : Shoot while moving.

Bio-Mech Army unit

They are an evolved version of the Mesh as they got “yordle” with them (2 unit in one)
They are build using the “Evolved Factory Mesh”
They all got by default 3 capacity && two weapon they can only use one at a time :

  • Weapon switch (while on the network switch to another weapon / 1 - 5s delay)
  • Evolution Skill (allow them to improve while on battle like baneling)
  • Yordle dps (shoot while moving / very-low dmg / very-low reload / hit ground && air / this is not the main weapon)
    There is three “Base” Bio-Mesh, they are all based on the default “Mech” as Melee / Distance / Air & they all inherit stats & capacity from their “Base” :

Bio-Mech Melee

Weapon A : FlameThrower (same as Light Dagguer / +AOE)
Weapon B : Light Sword (high dmg / medium reload / hit ground)

Bio-Mech Distance

Weapon A : Shootgun (Bullet Stack (+1 bullet count / 10s) + when shoot consume all bullet for additional dmg / hit ground)
Weapon B : Tracker (no dmg / medium reload / hit ground & air / Stick on target / after 1s a laser from space hit the targetted unit position / the laser stay for 1s / the laser deal medium dmg over time)

Bio-Mech Air

Weapon A : laser beam (medium dmg / medium reload / hit air)
Weapon B : Plasma beam (medium dmg / medium reload / hit ground)

Bio Army unit

All Bio unit are “yordle” they are mainly light unit and spellCaster.
They are build using the “Factory Bio”
There is 3 bio unit Ghost / Heavy / Avatar :


Type : ground / medium speed / medium HP
Weapon : Sniper (high dmg / high reload)
Capacity : Reconnaissance Drone (summon unit / fly / detection)


Type : ground / very-slow speed / low HP
Weapon : Gatling (low dmg / medium reload)
Capacity : Fire while moving.


Type : air / slow speed / medium HP
Weapon : Psy (Low dmg / medium reload)
Capacity : Life drain (when doing damage all unit arround the nearest network get heal)
Capacity : Emergency Relay (summon building / ground / spread the network arround it)


To build structure a “Yordle Builder” is required, it is produced using an “Evolved Drill”

Yordle Builder

Type : ground / medium speed / low HP
Weapon : Drone (low dmg / medium reload / hit ground)
Capacity : Build (Drill / Lab / Factory Bio / Factory Mech / Socle / Relay)
Capacity : Module Build (Turret / Tank / Armor / Weapon)


All Structure have by default Module Slot (depending on the building).
These module edit the way the building work or just give them some avantage.
All module extends from batiment and can only be build on module slot.

Turret (wip)

Type : Module / Medium hp
Weapon : Canon (medium dmg / medium reload / hit ground)
Weapon : AA-Canon (medium dmg / medium reload / hit Air) (require lab research)

Tank (wip)

Type : Module / Medium hp
Capacity : increase the population limit by 5.
Capacity : In network range, can be pull up or down to let unit pass. (require Mech lab research)
Capacity : In network range when destroyed leave Acid on ground (+dmg over time) (require Bio lab research)


See Building.


See Building.


All (producing?) structure have the “Evolution Capacity” this change the way the structure behave at the cost of module Slot.

Drill :

Type : Building / High hp / 4 Module Slot
Capacity : Pipeline (Pipe draining mineral)
Capacity : Rafinery (Drain Gaz)
Evolved Capacity (cost 2 slot) : Can produce Yordle Builder.

Lab : (WIP) (see “Tech Tree” for all research)

Type : Building / Medium hp / 1 Module slot
Network research : All capacity related to the Network.
Mesh research : All capacity related to Mech. (require Weapon Module)
Bio research : All capacity related to “Yordle”. (require Armor Module)
Evolved Capacity : Become a Bio-Mech Lab (unlock Bio-Mech tech tree).

Factory Mech :

Type : Building / Medium hp / 1 module Slot (unlock another with the Lab)
Produce : Melee Mech / Distance Mesh / Air Mech
Evolved Capacity (cost 1 slot) : Produce Bio-Mech instead of Mech.
Armor Module : Add Shield to produced Mesh.
Armor Module x2 :

  • Melee = Reflection Shield (+damage reflection (2s) / need cast)
  • Distance = compusive shell (+slow when hit)
  • Air = Lure (Illusion Clone +0.5 invulnerability while using)
    Weapon Module :
  • Melee = Dual dagguer (+atk x2 / auto)
  • Distance = siege mode (+range +aoe +can’t move / need cast)
  • Air = Bomber ( skill doing AOE dmg on a line / need cast)
    Weapon Module x2 :
  • Melee = zaelot rush (+run over the nearest target at max speed / auto)
  • Distance = Stimpack (+instant siege/unsiege on stim + dmg vulnerability while on stim / need cast)
  • Air = Bomber Napalm (+damage over time when using Bomber)

Factory Bio : (Require Lab)

Type : Building / Medium hp / 2 module Slot
Produce : Ghost / Heavy / Avatar
Evolved Capacity :

  • All bio gain life regen.
  • Ghost = Under 25% hp instant recall to the nearest relay.
  • Heavy = TODO
  • Avatar = Movement speed aura
    Armor Module :
  • Ghost = Static Mine (Hide a mine on the field / the mine run to the nearest enemie / on target reach generate an AOE that slow / need cast / can be auto-cast)
  • Heavy = Dash (Move to the target location / need cast / can’t cross terrain)
  • Avatar = Instant move an allie nearby (range infinite / need cast)
    Armor Module x2 :
  • Ghost = invisible while not moving (can use spell && attack)
  • Heavy = Distortion, absorb dmg than make an AOE that grow for the amount of absorbed dmg before exploding (last 2s or until reach the max capacity)
  • Avatar = Blink (Instant move to the target location / need cast)
    Weapon Module :
  • Ghost = Explosive Mine (Hide a mine on the field / the mine run to the nearest enemie / on target reach explode / AOE dmg / need cast / can be auto-cast)
  • Heavy = Attack speed stack (Gain attack speed on each hit for 2s)
  • Avatar = Grab (The selected target is moved nearby the Avatar)
    Weapon Module x2 :
  • Ghost = Fragmentation Mine (On mine explosion generate after (0.5 - 1)s (3 - 5) explosion arround the initial one )
  • Heavy = Missile Barrage (Aoe dmg on the selected area)
  • Avatar = Mind Control ( Take the control of the selected unit / can’t move / when the controlled unit does dmg it proc the avatar passif)


Type : Building / Low hp / 1 Module Slot (required to put module anywhere)
Capacity : Increase the population limit by 5.

Relay (wip - not sure if it will stay as a building or become a module)

Type : Building / Low(medium?) hp / no module slot
Capacity : Heavy lign of sight / Spread the Network

Network (wip)

The network is a race special effect, some skill can be only used under the network.
Effect the network provide depends on the unit or the building.

Tech Tree (wip)


Thx for reading if you have been able to read all :smiley:


Very interesting ! a lot of work to do !

Let’s write the modifications we have discussed in private, and push some concepts and issues in the milestone.

Can’t wait !

just for info. I’am on board too.
I’am just fighting with technical things in the code.
your plans sounds really great. I :heart: it

any news here at the Artstyle front? currently we are working on a editor (textbased) for easy creating the army units. In some days I will start the take the first steps for it.

@roroah is working on scenery assets