Savable-generator to contributions repository

Hi again,

So I think I have integrated the savable-generator correctly with the jmonkeyplatform-contributions repository. I have just done a git-svn clone of it and have put it on github ( I’ll keep rebasing as and when, but I’d like someone to check that I’ve done it correctly before I dcommit my changes into the svn repo.

My diff stats look like this from trunk:

5 1 nbproject/ 8 0 savable-generator-helpers-module/build.xml 5 0 savable-generator-helpers-module/ 45 0 savable-generator-helpers-module/nbproject/build-impl.xml 8 0 savable-generator-helpers-module/nbproject/ 1 0 savable-generator-helpers-module/nbproject/ 18 0 savable-generator-helpers-module/nbproject/project.xml 1 0 savable-generator-helpers-module/nbproject/ - - savable-generator-helpers-module/release/modules/ext/savable-generator-helpers.jar 1 0 savable-generator-helpers-module/src/com/wivlaro/jme/export/ 74 0 savable-generator-helpers/build.xml 1400 0 savable-generator-helpers/nbproject/build-impl.xml 8 0 savable-generator-helpers/nbproject/ 82 0 savable-generator-helpers/nbproject/ 15 0 savable-generator-helpers/nbproject/project.xml 21 0 savable-generator-helpers/src/com/wivlaro/jme3/export/ 28 0 savable-generator-helpers/src/com/wivlaro/jme3/export/ 18 0 savable-generator-helpers/src/com/wivlaro/jme3/export/ 79 0 savable-generator/ 8 0 savable-generator/build.xml 5 0 savable-generator/ 45 0 savable-generator/nbproject/build-impl.xml 8 0 savable-generator/nbproject/ 7 0 savable-generator/nbproject/ 2 0 savable-generator/nbproject/ 107 0 savable-generator/nbproject/project.xml 1 0 savable-generator/nbproject/ - - savable-generator/release/modules/ext/savable-generator-helpers.jar 3 0 savable-generator/src/com/wivlaro/netbeans/serializergenerator/ 443 0 savable-generator/src/com/wivlaro/netbeans/serializergenerator/ 630 0 savable-generator/src/com/wivlaro/netbeans/serializergenerator/

Does that look roughly right? I made three modules:

  • savable-generator - module with the code generator for the actual IDE in it

  • savable-generator-helpers - library to be used by game projects AND the savable-generator module that just contains a few annotation interfaces

  • savable-generator-helpers-module - module that encapsulates the above library

If no-one complains I'll push it in in a few days. Any ideas if this will work or not, please let me know!


Thats looking good, they are all part of a suite locally for you and that suite is their parent folder, right? Then it should work right away as soon as they are added to the suite on the server.

Edit: Maybe you want to put the annotation library project in a subfolder of the module so that ups its version automatically when there was changes in the library? You can also build the library project from the module:

Ok. I have moved savable-generator-helpers into savable-generator-helpers-module and committed now. Should that be in the Tools->Plugins->Available Plugins list now? I have enabled the User Contributions Update Centre in the settings tab and checked, but it hasn’t come up yet.

Ok. I’ve just RTFM and am having a go at “Building library jar files on the server” from

I see this working for the library, but I’m not so sure about the module. I’ll see if there’s something else I can do to get that working.

Look here to see if the binaries have been built, this is where the SDK looks:

The build logs can be found here:

I couldn’t see that it has been built so maybe you need to wait for the job to run. I don’t know when it triggers.

They get built every night at 0h NY time. But only if I added them to the plugin list as said in the docs :slight_smile: I’ll add this plug today (and also remove the downloaded version).

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