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I created a new empty FilterPostProcessor File in my Models folder and added a water filter to it. But, when I edit the properties in the properties window and save it and then restart the engine some properties (I didn’t test all of them) are not being save (for example the center of the WaterFilter). Can I somehow do that with the SDK or should I just do it via code?

Hello! I’m toying with the filter processor in Ubuntu. Since I installed proprietary divers, everything plays nice: no crashes anymore and similar annoyances.

Now, I can create a filter file and add filters to it. I can apply the filter on a arbitrary model in OpenGL view. When I add or remove a specific filter from a filter file and save the filter file, it all works very well. However, filter parameters do not get saved although I get a message from the SDK (Application window) that a filter file has been saved successfully. Anyone still has a same issue?

P.S. FIlter parameter changes are displayed correctly in the OpenGL window of the scene composer.

Which filters and which parameters? Must be the implementation of the read / write methods of those filters then.

I am toying at the moment with the posterization and cartoon edge filters. I cannot save any properties that I’ve changed, eg. edge color or edge intensity for the cartoon edge filter, or eg. num colors and strength of the posterization filter. Did not check for other filters and other parameters.

P.S. As I’ve said, adding and removing filters plays nice in regards to saving filter files.

Yep, looks like those filters don’t implement read/write at all. @Nehon?

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I’ll fix this.


Thanks everyone :smile: