Scaling objects to 'real' size using a map with variable zoom

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I am writing a program to simulate a helicopter landing using a map and a sphere to represent the helicopter. What is the easiest way to scale the sphere to the correct size depending on the map zoom?
I am using GoogleMaps which I collect a tile of a specific zoom (say 12), is there an efficient way to match the size of the sphere with the zoom size of the map to make it look realistic.

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  1. This is the wrong sub forum
  2. I don’t completely understand what you mean. You use a google maps image as a Texture?
    And now you want that Texture/Sphere to be realistic?

There is no generic answer in it then. You can define 1 unit = 1 meter.
Then you can google what size a usual helicopter is, so you have your unit size of the helicopter.
Then you will simply need to know, how much km the Google Maps Image is displaying.
GM always has a scale (at least on and you can easily apply it to know the meter per pixel.

Btw: other than that, just try it out.