Scene disapperas when rotating/zooming/moving the camera depending on the camera distance to the cen

I have written a program with a camera system very similar to the RenParticleEditor (actually its the same), so the camera rotates around a the lookAt Position of the camera.

Now the camera starts to have blindspots, where absoluteley nothing is shown (just the color of the background) when I rotate, zoom oder move the camera. These blindspots get bigger as i move the camera away from the center of the scene. The blind spots are always the same on a given position.

I already debugged and checked the camera location/direction/lookAt/frustum etc. if something changes between the frames with and without the blindspots but nothing jumped to my eye.

Anyone an idea for me? Or some hints where else to look?

I have a 3D Model of a forklift in my scene (imported from a .obj file). I just found out the the blind spot comes, when the forklift is NOT displayed. It has nothing to do with the camera or its movement.

So anyone with further ideas, why the view is dependant of the forklift model?

I was having similar issues with water filter. When I enabled it, scene was disappearing randomly based on the position of camera. Are you using any filters (shadows, blur, water, etc) ? Can you check if it is happening with them turned off ?

No, i dont use any filters.

I found out, that there is some problem with the frustumIntersect, as it apperently inherits only from one node and not from all nodes. I will continue debugging tomorrow.

I just found out, what the problem was. I did not set the modelBounds for the some other objects in my scene so they had no effect on the visibility of my rootNode.