.Scene not loading?

Well it seems i can’t get it right. I’m trying to use Oginator to create a scene, and then i’m exporting it to .scene format.

But when i try to load it in jME3, it keeps complaining that there isn’t any .material associated with that .scene. That scene should work with Ogre, so my guess is what’s happening with this. I’ve also tryied exporting to .xml with the same results so far.

*Ogitor. By the way, all of you are using blender to do all the meshes & scene? When i import anything to blender it just shows up so badly (it looks like it’s been under a truck, it looses many polys) that it’s not even an option.

the name of your .material must be the same as the .xml

The material file has to have the same name as the scene file. For the poly problem, try creating the tangents for that model (button in SceneComposer) and see if that solves it.

Well, but there isn’t any .material with the scene. It just doesn’t have any need for it because it’s just a terrain.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>


Yeah, right, for terrain you just need to let the grass grow or what? Of course terrain needs a material. If you just want the mesh of the terrain then just ignore the warning.

Well, i misspelled it. In fact i have create a full scene using ogitor which then i exported using the dotSceneSerializer to .scene format. But it didn’t create a .material archive.

Taking the fact that Ogitor is fully compatible with ogre, and that jME3 uses also dotScene i was asking what was happening, it’s supposed to be a standarized format if i’m not wrong.

Yes, but without a material your model will not “look” any way.

I know it, all i’m saying is that Oginator doesn’t create it, it works with ogre and not with jME3. That’s all.

I suppose there won’t be any way around this, so could you tell me another program to create scenes? Thanks.

So i guess however you load the model in ogre a material is applied after loading. So you just need to apply a material to your terrain after you imported it.

These are the contents of the output dir:

Directorio de assetsScenesTest

06/12/2010 20:30 .

06/12/2010 20:30 …

06/12/2010 17:42 Caelum

06/12/2010 16:28 22.975 Country.ogscene

06/12/2010 20:30 0 dir.txt

06/12/2010 16:57 Hydrax

06/12/2010 17:38 1.812 Scene.scene

06/12/2010 16:57 Scripts

06/12/2010 16:57 SkyX

06/12/2010 17:44 Temp

06/12/2010 16:57 Terrain

3 archivos 24.787 bytes

8 dirs 0 bytes libres

As you can see, it doesn’t create any material. Only a .scene.

Terrain, sky, object materials are inside each directory.


There you go. Creating a material and applying it to a loaded model.

I don’t understand, why should i create a material for a scene i already have?

Because it has none, as you were proving to us.

If I recall correctly, the terrain that this tool exports is basically a heightmap, in that case, don’t load the .scene file, but load it as a heightmap with jME3’s terrain system.

I’ll try that, thanks.