Scene viewer window bug

not sure where to post bugs, but here goes,

when I remove the scene viewer window from my layout, and reload jmonkey platform, i get ‘opening scene viewer’ stuck on 14% at the bottom.

Everything still runs fine though.

When you manage to close your SceneViewer thats because of a bug in the NetBeans platform. It should not be allowed to close it.

Thanks normen.

p.s. jme3 and jmonkeyplatform is awesome.

Thanks xp61 :slight_smile:

Hi, I got the same problem. I tried to disinstall the jmp, but the very first time I run the program [after the reinstall] I still got “opening sceneviewer” stop at 14%. How can I fix it? Thanks a lot!

[ps: On win7 x64]


Check if theres a little warning sign in the lower right, click it to see more error output. Your graphics card has to support OpenGL 2.0 and have the latest drivers installed for jMP to work.

from what I know there are problems with 2 not being 100% compatible on a mac running latest os (10.6.4) - so it might have something to do with this, for example some of the demos don’t work - e.g. the ambient occlusion stuff.

apparently all will be fixed in next version of mac os.

Nope, runs fine on my mac and @zathras one.

I solved this by opening Window->Scene Viewer, now the scene viewer is opened but it is undocked and you can select Window->Reset Windows to dock it.

After opening the Scene Viewer (and reseting windows) restart jME platform. Voila:D hope this helps