SceneViewer always "on top"

Hi guys,

When I run jMonkeyPlatform everything seems to work, except that the SceneViewer render is always drawn on top of everything else within the platform window (eg top menus, popup menus, etc).

If I select another application window and place that window over the jMonkeyPlatform window, the SceneViewer is occluded properly by the other application.

Hopefully this screenshot will illustrate the problem:

Whoops - forgot to mention the versions;

I’m using the jMonkeyPlatform Alpha 2 that was posted on the front page. It’s been updated with the nightly builds.

I’m running Vista 64 with an NVidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512.

The reason is that the OpenGL canvas is a heavyweight AWT component to get maximum opengl performance. However until now I only knew that “floating” windows would be hidden by the opengl canvas, the menus and right-click popups etc work fine normally… What happens when you add -J-Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true to the /etc/jmonkeyplatform.conf file, under “comand line switches”?

Unfortunately the command line switch made no difference.

Actually the issue is that the menus are lightweight components, you can force them to be heavy weight like so:


Well I found the problem - my JDK was waaaaaaaaaay out of date. According to this java article, mixing of light/heavyweight components should work properly as of JDK6 Update 12 (in December 2008). Mine was only JDK6 Update 4, it propably came with Netbeans 6.1 when I first downloaded it.

I’d always assumed that when Java updated itself it did the JDK too, apparantly not.

Anyway I brought my JDK forward into the modern era and everything works now.

Thanks for the help.

Good to hear it worked out for you. Guess I will put in a check for the java and OS version to add the switch Momoko_Fan mentioned.



I had also the same problem with jMonkeyPlatform Core menus never were displayed. Today I updated to Core and problem solved partially.

Most of the times menu is visible, a few times though, pop up menus are hidden. Things are going nicely, keep up the good work.


The latest version of jMP enables the heavyweight menus as suggested by @Momoko_Fan