SceneViewer Design (Lower the barrier)

Hi developers of the jMonkey Platform,

I was thinking, if it would be possible to change the way you navigate in the 3d sceneView, to have a similar behavior as there is in blender 2.5+, so you use press g, to move and object, r to rotate an object, and s to scale an object. And also incoorporate that you can press a number, and then the object is being (moved/rotated/scaled) depending on the button, and the number you input. Further more, it would also be great if it was, possible to change the camara view so, that it could be changed using the numpad system like in blender.

The reason for this change, should be so that it would lower the barrier to get started with jMonkey Engine SDK. Since most, uses Blender anyway, they are already formiliar with this navigation system.

If it’s not possible to change the sceneView to such, is it then possible to change it, so that it would be possible to set the default camara from viewing from an angle ?.


I made this tool already, I keep saying I will add it in but then things keep coming up. It’s not done, but maybe if it is only partly done that will be good enough for a while… sigh, I should just bite the bullet and add it.

Sounds nice, is this a plugin one need to install, or will it come as default in the jmonkey SDK ?

Also, can you give an estimate when you are going to add this tool ? :slight_smile:

5 days


ok, thx… Looking forward to it :slight_smile: