Screen is not being updated

I have a Swing app with a jME canvas in it and while the application doesn’t have focus the screen won’t update, actually even after I give focus to it but I still have to click the canvas. While it is running some events happen in another thread which enqueues a Callable in the Application-derived instance, which setLocalTranslation of the object (Spatial). I stepped in the code and it actually sets the world transform matrix and renders stuff…but I don’t know why the screen is not updated, I would like for it to update while not in focus :o) …


the default behavior of the application is to pause when it lost focus.

To avoid that you have to call the setPauseOnLostFocus(false) method of the application.

This may fix your problem.

Regarding to this post…you’ll need to make a choice

Oh I didn’t know it was so easy. I got it working the way I want now, thanks 8)