The website for ogre3d has a section where it has screen shots from the games that use it. Now that the user showcase section is filling up, I figured that something like that would be nice on jme site.

that's a good idea

Well, there are plenty of people that visit thay may have a few ideas.

If the JME team are up for a new glossy homepage, im sure there are a few that would be will to post a homepage

I think the biggest problem is most of us are developers here, not webmasters.

similar to nehe also.

Home page of  gives a new user no idea what to expect, likewise existing users cant instantly see any new features.

IMHO the home page should be a showcase


Speak of the devil :wink:

kidneybean, did you just call me the devil?  :-o


Could rephrase to the "frog from the underside" if you prefer, then again i may have mis read Bwahahaha! for Bwahrivethaha

lol. darkfrog manages to show up in almost every thread and to confuse people in such a way so that they start talking about totally different things.  :smiley:

He must be trying to boost his post count…  :wink:

Start sending in screenshots with descriptions to my e-mail and I'll create a screenshots page (and also pick my favorites now and then as the showcase on the front page).

I'll create a screenshots page with a link for submission, but until then just send in an e-mail.

Renanse, nah, my post count is fine…it's just that little voice in my head that comes up with things to say when I read the posts and I have this problem not telling it to shut up when I should. :-p

The "Bwahahaha" was in response to:

llama said:

I think the biggest problem is most of us are developers here, not webmasters.

I am currently working on a project that I am hoping to release VERY soon that addresses that....completely unrelated to game development, but reading that just gave me the desire to laugh maniacally. :-p


Well, I've had one person submit screenshots… which does not make for a good screenshots page. Anyone else have anything they want to show off?

Well, if you’re dying for images:


Force of Fire:

And I’m working on a very basic example game utilizing jME-Networking right now that I’ll have some screenshots for you soon. :slight_smile:

Oh, and on a side note, the subject of my “Bwahahaha!” just did a preliminary release:


started a screenshots page, showcase points to it pulling in random images.

hey, everyone has his nick near the screenshot. i'm the only one having my first name there instead of my nick name :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks. also, irrisor's game description shows up twice.