Script Blocks Alpha 12 – Cellular Automaton

Script Blocks Alpha 12 - Cellular Automaton Rule 90

Just trying more random things with scriptblocks

cool, SB is really coming along, I love how flexible it is. If just one guy (you) can come up with all these different concepts for the game/platform/engine, imagine what an entire community of users could think up, very exciting!

Sorry if this has been answered before, do you have any plans/ideas for structuring gameplay around SB (like scores/goals/task/story etc) ?

I think about that all the time, but I keep finding new things I want to try in the game.

For sure I will just have a Sandbox option.

Then I will probably have some get from point a to point b type of game play. Where I limit the types of blocks and amount of blocks that can be used.

I am totally open for suggestions.