SDK crashes after starting

I am trying to use the Jmonkey Platform on my windows vista 32bit laptop and immediately after it loads everything is closes everything. I then tried launching it from command prompt and was told that it ran into an error inside of native code. Any ideas?

… since you are the only one who knows what error is being thrown you are probably the only one who can say whats up :roll:

If its a “32bit laptop”, are you sure it supports OpenGL 2.0? Try updating the graphics drivers.

I found this problem

and it is basically what I have, but I don’t know how to disable the welcome screen.

Do you know how?

The welcome screen does nothing in beta, are you still using alpha??

I updated my graphics drivers and the Jmonkey Platform works properly, but now the water rendering is screwed up.

I am currently using a Intel integrated generation 4 graphics card.

Very Funny

@dagronlund said:
Very Funny

Sorry that your GPU doesn't support shaders properly. You can run in OpenGL1 mode until Intel fixes its GLSL support for your card.