SDK delete

Just another heads up on delete. I know this is something that cant be fixed as it seems to be a known issue with netbeans from searches I have done.

Deleted a project. Since it wasn’t empty when it was deleted, the project folder was not deleted on disk so I deleted it with explorer.

I then created a new project. It opened with the name template appended to the project name. The project was unbuildable immediately as it couldn’t recognize the libraries even though they were there.

Deleted that project after not being able to get it to find the libraries and created yet another project, different name, and again it opened with the word template appended and couldn’t recognize libraries.

Closed out the SDK, started it and the 8 buttons to the left of the redo buttons were gone. That’s open project, new project, etc.

Closed the SDK after digging around and not finding anyway to restore the buttons.

Since I had finished deleting the first project through explorer, I figured I would try and restore that project from the trash folder to see if that might help. The restore started but it threw errors about not finding some of the files.

Skipped those and continued the restore.

Opened SDK and everything was now normal.

Being a glutton for punishment, I figured I would delete that same project folder again through explorer to see if it would happen again. It didn’t.

Only deleting through explorer from now on.

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Don’t mind me, just posting obligatory @Darkchaos mention.

Just delete the SDK along with it, problem solved :smiley: