SDK install / errors

A few questions on updating to latest SDK version.

  1. When installing, how do you retain current preferences for the SDK. I installed the SDK to a new folder and it did not ask to update the preferences, just the project location.

  2. When uninstalling, I discovered that if I were to try and uninstall the SDK using the Windows Control Panel/Programs and features it wanted to actually uninstall WINDOWS… I had to use the uninstall file located in the jmonkey folder instead.

  3. When installing, it overwrote the 3.1 desktop shortcut. Not appropriate. It should create a new icon.

  4. When uninstalling, it removed that same icon, forcing me to add a new shortcut for the 3.1 version.

Maybe I am doing things wrong?

So this must be something no one knows how to do?

How do you get the old options and folders to import into the new version?

Installing new version to a different folder doesn’t work.

Uninstalling old version, leaving the old folders by unchecking the remove option doesn’t work, Cant install to a existing folder. the installer doesn’t allow it.

Renaming old folders and installing to the defaults in the installer doesn’t work. When you get to the third screen, ie the one after selecting the folder to install into and whether or not to create icons, you get a screen that says nullinstallation with just the ability to create the new icons.

This is possible.

Given that SDK usage is probably somewhat down from what it used to be (I think the last time I ran it was 3.0… maybe 3.1 alpha4), I suspect that the number of folks who try to transfer between versions is vanishingly small.

I remember routinely having to redo my settings with each new version in the early days… fortunately back then the actual name of the SDK changed so you could have them installed side-by-side.

After giving up trying to do it automatically on about the fourth uninstall/reinstall it actually created its own desktop shortcut. I know I could manually do these things.

I finally just gave up altogether and exported/imported the old settings into the new version.

The install still goes to a nullinstallation screen and still shows as null publisher, size and install date under Control Panel/Programs and Features.

Definitely a butt clincher if you try to uninstall from there.

Talking to myself here but after using the new SDK for a few minutes, out of the blue the dam thing asked me if I wanted to update my settings.

I also discovered that if I do a screen refresh after the install, the correct icon will show up rather than overwriting the existing one.

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