SDK Material Editor

Hi guys,
I am returning to using the SDK, given the many efforts and updates you have made. If it helps, I have a couple of suggestions on the user experience.

I have a couple of questions about the material editor.

  1. j3m files do not open if I double click on them with the mouse, only by right clicking on them and then selecting β€˜Open’.

  2. When I open a newly created material file, the following error message appears:

smoothing groups are not supported, statement ignored: s.
  1. When active, the PBR light button, maybe it should be blue?


PBR Light ON

  1. What is the right way to value fields of type Vector2,Vector3 or Vector4. The editor does not provide any hints. For example, how should the PolyOffset field be valued?
  • (-1.0, -1.0)
  • [-1.0, -1.0]
  • -1, -1
  • -1.0, -1.0

  1. The β€˜Options’, β€˜Textures & Colors’ and β€˜Additional RenderState’ tabs are unusable in reduced screen. Field values ​​do not fit into the default space and are not visible.

I hope I have been helpful. Thanks for your support.


Hello friends,
when I view a terrain in the SDK with material HeightBasedTerrain.j3md, the following message appears on the console:

Fixed function technique was ignored
Fixed function technique 'Default' was ignored for material Common/MatDefs/Terrain/HeightBasedTerrain.j3md

Is this a bug or just a warning message?