SDK Not showing Project Assets

A few minutes ago I was browsing my Assets directory in the SDK’s Projects tab, then I looked back and now it appears that both the Assets and Resources folder disappeared from the display in the SDK

Here you can see my editor project (AfflictedSceneDesigner) still displays the Project Assets and Resource folders, but my game project (TheAfflictedForests) bugged out and isn’t showing them:

I also started getting a warning in the SDK console output saying File is not part of a jME project but tries to find original model...

I’ve tried closing/reopening the project as well as the SDK, but the directory is still missing.

Does anyone know how to fix this or what I could’ve done to cause this?

Have you changed the assets directory in your file manager recently? Check if it’s at the right location to be read by the SDK.

That was the first thing I checked and it still is in the correct place and the app could still run and load all the assets.

But I went away from my computer for an hour and then came back and now the assets folder is being displayed again… so I guess it was just the SDK/netbeans being weird for a while. I don’t even think I restarted the SDK and just had it left open while i was gone, so it must’ve been doing some background tasks or something that messed it up and took a while to resolve itself. Strange.

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Lol, seems to be a cache issue anyway.

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