SDK skybox won't reset the information

Hellow, I just tried to add some Skybox and turn out It has a weird bug. The first Skybox I set is the only one the SDK will set afterward if I don’t restart it. Am using the add spatial Skybox, multiple image.

Btw is it normal that the little display image are saved between every window open?

Oh and is there anyway to edit the Skybox after its add into the scene?

This bug happens to me as well. Has anyone reported it in the sdk repo yet?
@Darkchaos @Dokthar Do you maybe know why this happens?

It is not reported yet, feel free to do it.
Unfortunately I don’t completely understand what you mean.

Basically the skybox image aren’t reset so you can’t add two to a scene?


  1. You add a skybox. It adds as it should.
  2. You for some reason want to add another skybox. No matter what you do in the skybox wizard, the result will be same as in 1.

That’s about how it works.

Yep, add on top that that if you try to add a skybox in a other scene, or if you delete the skydox you will still always have the same skybox.

Yep, same here. The “delete and can’t re-add edited” part is very annoying.