SDK's NiftyEditor is not working?


I don’t know if it’s just me or the SDK’s NiftyEditor is not working for 3.1? Anyone else have the same issue or know the reason?

It does work but has some issues - but you’re not exactly describing your issue.

I can not render out the gui in the editor’s windows and also no error. It’s working fine in the real game though.

So I think the problem may belong to the Java2d Renderer. I will try to debug the current Editor code to find out, but in the mean time if there is a shortcut I will be thankful.

Dont know if :

One issue that sticks out like a sore thumb:

The Java2D renderer can’t use the batch rendering system, which has
all sorts of nifty improvements (quad batching, multiple texture
atlases, non-atlas textures, jglfont backend, font caching, image
caching, etc).

So you have it working fine and display normally now in 3.1 SDK?

I can view the example files and add stuff and see that yes.