Seamless terrain in jMonkey

Hi maybe someone can help me with my thoughts:

Lets say I have a terrain with a dimension of 4000 x 4000

The terrain is slitted in 4 regions, each region has a dimension of 1000 x 1000.

Is jMonkey capable to load a special quad out of a large terrain file?

So each region loads its 1000 x 1000 and can work with it.

thank you for any hints


Look at the terain tests, they should answer all basic questions

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I looked at the terrain test, they describe how to generate a terrain out of a height map.

But there is no example for loading a specific area out of a very large terrain file.

Maybe I had the wrong idea. Would it be easier to generate a large map of 4000x4000 and divide it into eight 500x500 pieces and send every time the needed piece to the client? Maybe I didn’t find it but is there any example for cutting a terrain?

If you have a large terrain file, then you can generate a heightmap that represents a section of it, and then use it to create the terrain.

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