Seeking JMonkey Veterans

Morning everyone! First, I think I should suggest a “Help Wanted” category in the “Site Suggestion” category. If it already exists and I’m just overly tired and my eyes blurred as it scrolled by, I apologize and feel free to move this post.

I am the lead designer on a team of very talented and dedicated people who are going to truly be putting JMonkey to the test. We’re in the process of creating a tech demo for an MMO. Don’t scoff until you check out what we’ve done so far (then scoff away). Our team consists of about 17 people, including modelers, animators, programmers, composers, designers, writers, etc, etc, as well as a few people on the business end of things. Most members of our team have degrees and/or job experience in their related field and are fully determined to see this project through to the end.

Right now, we are working on a rapid application tech demo to include in our presentation to potential investors. Unfortunately, the programmers we do have are on very limited schedules, so we’re kinda bottle-necking our work at that department. Now, a bit about us.

Our company is called Phoenix Concepts, LLC. We are a registered company in the state of Wisconsin. Aside from everyone’s 9 to 5 jobs, we do some freelance website and design work to help pay the bills (web hosting, ventrilo servers, etc.). As you may have guessed, there is currently no payment in this. However, we are in the process of negotiating with some smaller private investors in the area to secure seed money and help smooth things along during this pre-production phase. Again, no money is guaranteed from this, as nothing is set in stone yet, but we will help everyone as much as we can.

Our goal is to secure full funding (through either venture capitalists or angel investors) by early next year; at which point we will be establishing a physical studio in the central wisconsin area. All contributing team members will then be offered full-time, paid positions with the company if they so choose.

The project is called X-Shift, and is a dark, urban cyberpunk MMO (Blade Runner, Shadowrun, Johnny Mnemonic, etc.). NOTE: We are not simply cloning a medieval, swords and sorcery game and aplpying a new paint job. Every aspect of X-Shift is being designed specifically for the genre. While much of the classic features in common MMOs will be found in the game, we’re also introducing a lot of new ones (which I think should be expected in this genre). More details will be available, as well as design documents to those who are interested.

And now for the art! (The following images are renders as our code really consists of little more than a chat program at the moment.)

Looks like this is a very ambitious project. You can post your request here too. It’s not advertised that much currently, but as we don’t have a “Help wanted” section here…

Hi everyone! Yes, I'm back. Obviously, the above information is a bit out of date, but not terribly, so I just decided to add to this post as opposed to creating a new one.

X-Shift has grown significantly since my original post. We now have a working demo, currently using Java Web Start for the tech demo. We have the beginnings of an impressive city block and lots of cool features, such as normal mapping, bloom lighting, water effects, etc. The chat system now has its own GUI in game, but it is still very basic. We also have a handful of animated characters, though we haven't integrated them into the engine yet; which brings me to my point.

Our primary jME programmer has just announced that he is going to be taking a temporary break from the project to focus on some other areas of his life. While I can completely respect that, it does leave us in a situation of desperately needing another jME programmer.

If you're interested, contact me on our forums or via email ( NOTE: You can not sign up for our forums using a hotmail account; you won't receive your activation email.

As of the 1st, we are in the process of actively seeking full investment for the project and the studio. I am, in fact, meeting with one of our reps this weekend. So hopefully you won't have to be worked like a slave for too long as our last programmer was :slight_smile:

We are a team of dedicated, talented and mature people. We support each other and work together through all of the stress that naturally accompanies projects of this magnitude. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, contact me. Also, stop by our forums and check out the latest screen shots and updates.

I look forward to hearing from you!