Select and change scene on runtime

Hi everybody,

I apologize in advance but I didn’t know where to post this question.

I’m writing a simple robot simulator, to give more flexibility to the simulation I need to choose from a pc’s folder and change the scene on runtime (eventually utilizing GUI), so that the user can create and choose a new scenario when the simulator is running.

Is there any way to realize this? Any suggestion?

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Ok thanks for the help. :smiley:

I have another question about that: the user, once the simulator is started, with NiftyGui can explore pc’s folders select the new .j3o scene and change the current with the new one (like JFileChooser) or he can only select files that are in the project directory once the program is compiled?

Probably is a dumbest question, but at the moment i haven’t found anyone that is developing something similar.

There is no file-chooser type of component in Nifty currently but you should feel empowered to build your own if need be :slight_smile:

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So, at the moment, the best way to approach the target is to create a bunch of maps and switch between them with ListBox or something similar. Unfortunately I think that I haven’t yet the knowledge to develop a file choser for niftygui.