Selection tool RTS style

Hi! I'm doing a great fun game :slight_smile: It will have balls on a terrain. Now, the camera is looking down on the terrain and I need to select the balls visible on the screen with the mouse. That is, draw a rectangle around them balls I want to "select". Also, a top-down-view camera that works as in rts game would be appreciated :slight_smile: I've been going through the com.jme.input but can't see exactly what I'm looking for.

Any posts/tips/articles/tutorials/code showing this in jME? :slight_smile: ty!

there is a tutorial about picking objects, uses Ray to do it.

edit: here it is

I do not know what the right way is to do this but i think something like the following should work.

Create a BoundingBox from mouse positions and use something like the implementation of the method findCollisions(Spatial scene, CollisionResults results) from .

See this thread:

Ok, thanks, I think I'm on the right track now :slight_smile: