(September 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread


the shockwave looks really awesome! how did you accomplish that?

Cool tank’s don’t look at explosion x)

Last time I tried using that (it was like a year ago though) it kind of rendered over everything like the last post mentions. I kind of didn’t know anything about shaders then so it’s possible that I messed something up. Does it work as it should for you in all cases?

Some photos of today’s games conference I exhibited at. Not as fancy as PAX but in my home town so the flight is 12 hours shorter :stuck_out_tongue: .

I made sure to tell everyone interested about jme and surprisingly some actually knew it exists :smile:

Also, thanks to @grizeldi for showcasing the app there too.


yeah, but i change it as required, overall it’s a pretty simple shader.


Very Cool
Every thing is eye catching in the scene
Really how far you want go with JME ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

More testing of animations and hit box line up.



I see potential :smile:

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Isn’t some models from WoW?

No , https://shop.bitgem3d.com/

The skeleton and imp where freebie models. I bought several of the environment packs but I’m still looking for some other character models to go along with them.

Is it compatible with the AbstractHeightMap terrain? And if yes would you mind sharing it? :stuck_out_tongue: (talking about the shader base grass)

You’re not fooling anyone that is Unreal or Unity :slight_smile:

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yeah, the real question is how did you made this perfect replica of jme HUD in Unity ? sooo Unreal .


we must wonder right, could infact unreal and unity actually be made frome jmonkey :open_mouth:
or could it be that JME HUD was added afterwards…

No, I would say that that is a perfect demonstration of what jme lacks to look good.

High quality assets and a talented shader guy?

Imho those should be in your team…
If we speak only about visual quality, it all depends on the assets…


“What kind of paper should I buy to make good Manga? Every one I’ve tried seems to only support blobs and stick figures…” :slight_smile:


I think it’s more about the talented shader guy though, great shaders can make even mediocre assets look good.

That low poly toy harrier wouldn’t look nearly as good without the reflections and pbr.