(September 2018) Monthly WIP & Screenshot Thread

basic track builder (basic being right angle corners and straights only)
debugger window


I’m sure this is a thing people would appreciate in VR. Both building and racing.


Bare bones spline/track editor.


Slot car tracks don’t have to adhear to ‘pieces’ in a video game :chimpanzee_smile:.

And a reference image loader:


Wow awesome! Is that a proper bezier?

How do you live with such a messy desktop :o

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LOL it’s worse than mine! Unless he has 8K display all the icons won’t even fit :slight_smile:
Good job BTW!

Some bezier stuff should already be in jme code actually, at least the Motion Path uses some curves.
Might be worth looking.

yup, proper 3D Cubic bézier curves.

Jme does have bezier interpolation, I did my own while figuring out what I wanted.

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When the icons fill up I make a folder called “Desktop Backup (2)”, on the desktop, and move everything into there, including the folder “Desktop Backup” from last time this happened. I have more desktops on other HDD’s named and sorted the same way.


That’s why i don’t have a desktop, you can fit unlimited icons in the home folder.

This reminds me of Diddy Kong racing on the 3DS, they had a feature just like that where you could draw with the pen your own race and then play with it. Lost a few hours on that mode.

Anyway, look real nice, gj!

Desktop? What’s a desktop…

Oh. It’s that thing I see when I reboot sometimes.



Don’t even know what it’s about… but it’s got giant robots with guns bigger than they are. Already a lot of pluses. heheh.

Just covering off all the really important stuff :wink:

you are using Blender 2.8 how the heck you want to use this one your game.
there is no extension that let you can export blender to any common format, and it won’t work if you try to use directly or convert it to j3o.
if you have any way to do it pls tell me :slight_smile:

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dae files work, then convert to obj


u still using blender 2.79 tho. thanks :slight_smile:

also you can just copy/paste from 2.8 into 2.79 and then output to whatever if you want to do it that way


Blender 2.8… ugh… gonna be a painful transition. They’re removing Blender Internal so I hope Eevee is all it’s cracked up to be. I suspect it won’t be capable of everything Internal was and some stuff I love will be gone.