(September 2020) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Screenshot of the character jumping in a labyrinth in the ruins area.


Technically I did this work back in August, but since I neglected to post it here then I figured better late than never. This is a demo of the MyWorld client’s windowing system. (Note: the terrain in the background is procedurally generated on the fly, and the sky is made with @sgold’s SkyControl project.




Thanks - looks like some recent site changes wiped out some images, and that one was still floating around in my browser cache. Should be good now.

I’ve been working on reflective water for One Million Worlds

Technically the reflective water works at any height, but it’s a tad expensive* so except at the highest graphics level the water is only reflective at the main ocean height.

*the processor cost is mostly proportional to the number of heights the water is rendered at, rather than how much water there is, interestingly.


I’ve been making some good progress on the ‘far horizon’ prototyping stuff I’ve been doing. It’s all hooked into terrain generation and user-modifications and so on and so far no show stoppers.

For testing, I created a stupid-huge city of hastily made buildings. It’s a full square kilometer of buildings placed wherever there was enough space.

Various views taken a few minutes ago:

There is actually a bug where 150 meters or so of buildings was cut off at the far distance and doesn’t show up in the low LOD stuff. Fixing that bug is next on my list… then I have an occlusion tweak to make (sometimes the far LOD buildings are still rendered on top of the actual ‘block world’ buildings).

Once I get those fixed, I may make a video before tackling lighting.

Edit: color-matches the block world blocks and the terrain colors so that I could sync up the lighting equations and make sure they are the same before implementing light propagation. The side effect is that I get to stop answering questions about the harsh transition. :wink:


I’m preparing my product to be presented to a Brazilian partner so working on adding some Brazilian related graphics :slight_smile:


So is this for Mythruna, or something separate?

You’ll be competing with Minecraft soon enough!

Yes, it’s prototyping stuff for the new Mythruna engine.

Edit: also, these are still the parts that are open source (just not released yet): http://www.simsilica.com/the-moss-initiative/


I made a video. 1080 HD… best watched that way, I think.


Cool. Probably off topic, but I thought the airships were a neat touch.

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That video gave me a feeling of a magic deep world. Very cool !

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I’ve created 3 animations for my character. Turns out animating is not that hard.