(September 2022) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Don’t mind me. Just improving my model and texture. :upside_down_face:


In last night’s live stream (Mythruna - Coding - UI Styling - YouTube), I started restyling Mythruna’s UI to not use the default Lemur glass style. I spent a couple hours today tweaking it and filling in some of the gaps not finished last night. This is not its permanent style but is closer to the theme of the game:
(the real style will be more diegitic/skeuomorphic with animated books, papers, machines, etc.)

Then today I was back to work on the “property” support where players can own zones of the land and control who can/can’t edit… it’s the one big missing piece from the old engine that is really necessary for opening up my game server “for real”.

Here we see a claim area rendered with its main marker and corner markers:

This interface will be able to be toggled on/off in the property management UI. I still need to make that UI and make it so that moving the corner markers updates the area, etc… Lots to do yet but at least the world has claim entities, markers, and so on now.


Can you explain more about the “property” entity? Does it exclusive to lands or other things can also be property? (e.g. houses, items,…)

Or, is that anything inside a land considered as property?

Yeah, it’s like old Mythruna. You can place down different kinds of property like “stronghold”, “town”, etc. that have been granted you. (You get one property by default.) They basically mark a portion of the world as “yours” and others cannot edit blocks or move objects there unless you give them permission.

And for towns/cities, you can give out subplots for people to make houses.


Don’t mind me. Just sneaking into the boss’s lair.


Finally found some time to make a nicer demo scene and record a video of my Sonar implementation from the other thread. Now to find the time and will to write a post processing tutorial about it.


@grizeldi If I may suggest an improvement. When the walls are at a right angle (90 degrees) you could avoid drawing the effect. It distracts from the general effect of the propagating circles.

Also it doesn’t make much sense functionally on right angle walls either.

Great job by the way.

yeah it makes me want to make a sweet paladin and do some cool healing spells :face_holding_back_tears:

A new Minie demo uses a sweep test to detect collisions between rigid bodies and an animated saber.

Source code at https://github.com/stephengold/Minie/blob/master/MinieExamples/src/main/java/jme3utilities/minie/test/SweepDemo.java


The effect is purely based on the distance of a point from the world origin, so in more natural and less orthogonal scenes, what appears is often not circles at all. So I don’t think it’s a problem, if it looks a little weird on surfaces that are perfectly orthogonal to the circles’ normals.


working on this room:


@xuan very good art style and composition. :+1:

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Pistol animation.


If you want it to be more realistic, make the gun tip move up a bit. If going for animation (instead of realistic) then it is very nice.

Hi everyone,
New demo: Melee System + Zombie AI.

The most complicated part of the job was designing a clear and simple system for synchronizing and aligning attack animations with enemy reactions, sounds and particle effects. To achieve the goal I used the power of the Tweens.

The second most complicated and most important part in video games was designing an AI using an FSM. I tried to limit attack chaos and enemy overlap by using a Combat Coordinator. Only the 2 closest enemies can attack at the same time and only if they have an unobstructed line of sight. If you are interested I can recommend a couple of video conferences on youtube on AI in video games.


  • Add a baseball bat, pipe and machete as melee weapons.
  • Camera-Shake

I hope you like it, but more important than that, I would like to know what you don’t like or what you would do differently.

Stay inspired.


Impressive! Is the source code available?


Thank you. It is part of a project with several demos. It will take me some time to extract it into a separate project. Unfortunately I have work commitments that will keep me busy for a while, but I would be happy to exchange ideas with you and explore new solutions. What aspects of the demo are you interested in?

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There’s no urgency. I’m curious about many aspects of this:

  • how tweens are used
  • which particle system is used
  • how proximity and line-of-sight are evaluated
  • what (if anything) prevents zombies from walking through one another
  • how many states there are in the FSM
  • would the demo scale to 100s of zombies
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It seems that the artist should modify the weapon

want to use Minie to control clothes :grinning: :grinning:

Simple use of recent learning shader knowledge :grinning: :grinning:
Thanks to everyone who helped me in the forum


Here’s a short video showing the finished version of the Plague Spore enemy that I shared in last month’s thread.

I gave it some combat abilities so it can fight both ranged and melee players. By itself, the Plague Spore is not too challenging to fight, and it will mostly be found in areas where other enemies spawn to assist them. So next, I will be working on some combat AI for a rat enemy so I can have hordes of rats behave in a way that pairs well with the Plague Spore to create a more challenging battle, and I’m hoping to post another video showing that soon.

But for now here is a lone Plague Spore in action. Still some polishing to be done, but its basic combat mechanics are all done:

Any criticism is greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: