(September 2023) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Hello everyone,
new month, new mechanics!
Climbing ladders is quite popular in video games. This mechanic allows players to easily move their characters above and below different parts of the levels without the need to jump or fall. It introduces another layer of complexity to game environments.

I am developing another similar more complex mechanic. Coming soon! :wink:


Thursday’s (2023-09-07) release of the Mythruna2 test engine has a fully working in-game clothing editor. You can make some pretty cool stuff that way with a little ingenuity.


You can see how to use it at the beginning of this video:

…which also has the “super secret” link to where you can download the latest test build and/or join the simsilica discord.


I finally got some time to work on my editor again.
I added the ability to import animations to an already existing model in the scene.
Reason for this is, there are a lot of assets that one buy which comes bundled with a model and its armature as a .fbx file and then all the animations are in seperate .fbx files.
This feature allows me to import these animations in the editor.


Clever girl…


Is it possible you will release your editor?


yes I might


My most complex scene to date.


My son has to build a small scale construction crane for his school project with an electro magnet, so I decided to recreate it in my editor.
Still busy but this is what I have so far. Only using cubes and cylinders.


Can you batch objects in your editor?

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Yes one can.


Here’s some screenshots showcasing my most recent work on graphic design / level design

I’ve been working on a new zone called “Eldip Fields” which will serve as a large central zone connecting a few other smaller zones, and (once finished) the edges of this zone will likely be the cut-off point for where players can go for the first public beta I’m hoping to do in the somewhat near future.

So right now I have a lot of terrain painting to do and I am also working on these cottage models to build a town that will serve as this zones main-hub. I made the cottages out of some modular pieces all on a shared texture-atlas in blender, and then I used color-ids to texture them with PBR materials easily in substance painter. Now that all the parts appear to look alright (and free of graphical artifacts) in-game, I can continue making more cottages and matching town-buildings (like the partially built wind-mill) using these pieces over the next few months, which will likely be a slow and steady process while I’m also working on adding the NPCs, shops, and quests that give purpose to the town and surrounding area.


I’ve been meaning to add an actively maintained UI to the game and finally did it.

I had all my ducks in a row with Nifty GUI but it’s not being maintained anymore. So, I had to switch to Lemur.


We are prepping for the upcoming exhibition here in Switzerland. Here is a get-smashed collection, physics done with dyn4J.


Started work on a pixel platformer game.
I don’t have any specific game idea yet, however I am building some systems, such as loading PyxelEdit tilemaps, improving 2D physics by disabling far away tiles, weapon system for primary and secondary weapons and wall climbing.
Here is some screenshot:

Debug shapes enabled for physics: