Server Downtime

Please accept my apologies for the untimely and extremely unplanned downtime.

Whilst going through my routine maintenance of all the servers I am responsible for, the JME hub server decided it didn’t want to go smoothly.

We were running Ubuntu 14.04 and I really didn’t want to upgrade because I knew it wouldn’t be smooth. So anyway I ran the usual apt update/upgrade and it upgraded some stuff. I then updated Discourse, which noticed that it had upgraded something and wasn’t compatible. It proceeded to try to revert back to the latest supported version - which wasn’t available on ubuntu 14.04, so all in all the whole process forced me to upgrade the server. Unfortunately the server didn’t have enough space to upgrade, so after about 2 hours of really trying not to - I had to resort to creating a new droplet and restoring the whole hub (which has a reeeeally big database and image-count) - which took quite a while. It was not fun.

All in all I’ve lost an entire day, but we’re back with a modern version of ubuntu in a nice fresh install and quite a few GB lighter.

Yay. I think. Anyway. We’re back. Sorry for the outage.


Your effort is very much appreciated

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@jayfella thank you so much for the maintenance :heart:

No worries @jayfella, thank you for your hard work on maintaining the hub!

Been there. Thanks for all your efforts!

Thank you for all your hard work, @jayfella. It is very much appreciated.