Server side engine for jmonkey, need help on client side

I’ve been working on a java based server side mmo engine for a few months, and I’ve decided to use jmonkeyengine as the first client integration. I want to create a very basic virtual world to demonstrate some of the features on the server.

I’d like to find a basic virtual world game that already exists to use as a starting point if possible, rather then creating it from scratch.

The server engine is focused on handling massive multiplayer and providing modern concurrency abstractions that make multiplayer easy, or at least easier then anything out there.

For the client side code I’m looking for something fairly basic. I want to add humanoid game objects and move them around, be able to generate terrain, add very basic structures (rocks/trees would be just fine).

I was hoping someone might already have done something like that that’s open source.

The server engine is not quite ready to just download and run, mainly due to documentation and a few cleanup tasks, like removing some of my experiments, etc… The goal is to create a working client library that’s plug and play from within jmonkeyengine asap.

If anyone knows of some client side code that sounds like what I need let me know! And if you want to take a peak at the server engine, it’s up on github here