setConstraintX doesn't work even when using getParent().layoutElements() afterwards


I try to reposition an image to be centerd.

The image is set to be width:75% and height:75%

but then, to make it square, i change the width so it’s the same amount of pixels as the height is.

Then I have to set the position, which is just centerd, no absolute is used in the xml.

But setting the position like this has no effect on the image…

[java]e.setConstraintX(new SizeValue(“1px”)); //MainGame.getWidth()/2+(w-h)+


Does it have to do with the image being just “center”?

You mean the parent layout is center?

Yes - in that case it will always just center the contents.

You can do this much more simply though. Just set width:75% and don’t set height at all. It should then automatically adjust height to keep the aspect ratio constant, and then the center layout will position the image.

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That sounds really like the thing I’m looking for :smiley:

Only problem is it doesn’t work…

Is that some new invention?

Because I use the nightlybuild from 04/28 -2012 and if I don’t set the height, then the image will be very stretched…

My full xml is here:

[xml]<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>


<screen id=“Maps” controller=“input.MenuListener”>

<layer childLayout=“vertical”>

<image filename=“MapsBackground.png” width=“100%” height=“100%” childLayout=“center”>

<image id=“MapImage” filename=“LakesideRest.png” width=“75%” childLayout=“center”>


<onStartScreen name=“fade” end="#ff" start="#00" />

<onEndScreen name=“move” timeType=“exp” factor=“3.5” direction=“left” mode=“out” length=“300” inherit=“true” />


<control align=“left”>

<interact onClick=“mapSelected(Lakeside Rest)” />








This is how you ment it right?

Yeah, I would expect that to work - although I mostly use panels with backgroundImage set rather than images directly. I don’t know if that makes a difference. Maybe I’m mis-remembering how Image resizing works as it’s not something I’ve really used much. :frowning: I’m thought I remembered that it defaults to keeping aspect ratio but maybe it just defaults to using actual Image height in pixels.

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Ahh yea, if you don’t write height nor width THEN it will be normal size :confused:

Would’ve been awsome if it keept the aspect ratio on it if only one was filled in… Maybe I could help to add that to nifty?

Ohwell… Thanks for the help anyways!

Very much appriciated :slight_smile:

@Void256 is the main man for Nifty and is pretty open to patches in my experience (had no trouble getting a few applied myself) so I expect you could…although changing default behaviour I expect would be an issue so this might need to be made optional somehow.