Setting caustics texture of Water.j3md

Just a little thing that I stumbled across:
This is the method for setting the caustics texture of a WaterFilter:
public void setCausticsTexture(Texture2D causticsTexture) {
this.causticsTexture = causticsTexture;
if (material != null) {
material.setTexture(“causticsMap”, causticsTexture);
It sets the “causticsMap”.
However, in the Water.j3md file the first letter is in upper case
MaterialParameters {

Texture2D CausticsMap[/java]
Now, the method (currently) still works fine for me, but I once (only once, which confuses the hell out of me) had this exception saying:
Material parameter is not defined: causticsMap
and pointing at the [java]material.setTexture(“causticsMap”, causticsTexture);[/java]
It’s not a big deal, since it is working right now, but
a) Does it really confuse me
b) could it happen again (??? or not?)

Just wanted to mention it.

Have a nice weekend