Setting the flyCam starting position

Hi. How can I set the starting position of the flyCam? I know it’s starting position is 0,0,0, but how can I change this?

FlyByCamera is a controler for Camera, try cam.setLocation(Vector3f)


Is the default camera really located at (0,0,0)? When I run this line of code


without any tampering with the camera I get

(0.0, 0.0, 10.0).

This indicates the initial z-coordinate is not 0 but 10.

Is this true and, if so, where is this documented?

Its true, its on the 0,0,10 , you can see it by looking at the source code.
About documentation, maybe in the wiki there is something about this, but you should disable flybycamera and customize your camera for your needs anyway.

I agree with @wagfeliz. For testing purposes, use the flyCam. But later, you must create your own camera control or use another controls, such as the ChaseCameraControl, which is a 3rd person camera.

The reason for (0,0,10) most certainly is, that if a user adds a new object to the scene, then that object will usually be at (0,0,0). So by setting the camera away to (0,0,10) and looking at (0,0,0) the nooby beginners will see their test cube and whatever they put at the center of the scene.

And like the others said: You will make a custom camera anyway (each game has its own kind of camera).

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Does it really matter where the cam starts though? I would assume it’s going to move, nor does it matter where it’s documented, imo, as you can check it yourself…