Setting up jME: CVS problem

H guys!

I've just heard of your engine and wanted to try it out. I followed your instructions on how to set it all up and it has worked perfectly until I got to the CVS part.

I noticed that what you instruct me to do and what I should see in CVS is totally different then what actually is there. Could someone update or give me a brief walkthrough how I should do it? Seems like the CVS software has been update since you made the instructions or something. Plus, I'm completely new at CVS, never even heard of it before. And lets be honest, its far away from newbie friendly. :slight_smile:

The problem is when you get to the Admin -> Preferences and look under the general tab. You don't have those fields there that you say that I should fill out with server info.

I've tried to find the solution here on your forum but did't find any answers and googling it wasn't such a good idea either. I'd really appreciate all help I can get, and remember CVS and all types of that kind of software is all just confusing and new to me so be nice! :smiley:

ah you used the wincvs guide, i think its easier to start with an ide like eclipse or netbeans.

try the eclipse or netbeans guide, whichever you prefer:

Ah ok, thank you! Ill try that.