Setting up jMonkeyEngine 3 in Eclipse 3.5


I’m trying to set up jMonkeyEngine 3 to work in Eclipse (3.5). However, all the guides I found to do this are for 1.x ( and 2.x (

I tried following the 2.x instructions anyway and checkout the jme3 branch instead of trunk, but it complains that there are 2 build path entries missing (jME3-natives-joal.jar and joal.jar). Even then, I don’t have an idea on how to build the .jar file.


Thanks in advance

Just delete them from the buildpath they are no longer relevant, and you are good to go.

For the jar file, there is a build.xml , open it, use run when it is open, then the eclipse internal ant will build you the jars

Well that was quite embarrassing. These pages need to be more visible though!


Don’t worry you’re not the first one to be direct linked to the doc.

But you’re right about the fact that they should be more visible, so I added them on the JME3 documentation first page