Settlers of Catan Game


I would share my little project. I did a game about the board game “Settle of Catan” where you can play on-line (with RMI) or with a “stupid” bot :wink:

Well, It was my first time with jME and I would give you my zanks for jME , your tutorials and your forum support.

For all, zanks :wink:

You can found my projecte here:

I uploated some version compliled:

And the source code (sorry , comented in Catalan):

some preview:

Feel free to ask me any question (But my answer will by in my poor inglish :stuck_out_tongue: )

Looks pretty nice. :)  Thanks for sharing!

Good work  XD, but I try to download the source and the file was corrupt.

Zanks !

Well, I uploated the source. I hope it works now.

I did the .zip with IZArc in max compression and I only could unzip it with IZArc :S.

XD Funny, I’m remaking the exact same game  :smiley:


What nice remake! 

My program looks too poor :S

I hope some day I programme some nice game ^^

great job!

Is that a picture of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers in the screenshot?

Just something that is slowly taking form after a lot of free time. :slight_smile:

@ Trussel:

Yeah… That was just a quick test. You can give an img URL as a avatar mugshot, and the game will load & resize it.