Shader toy

Hello guys!

Recently I have found a cool toy to write shaders in the browser and see the result immediately, and I thought it might be helpful to share the link to it here. Too bad it has only a plane to show the result, and it would be great if the developer would add some 3d shapes.

Maybe someone will find it helpful.


Wow that’s nice!!!

Also they have nice examples.

Here’s another. Check the Gallery, you can fork projects and modify them. I haven’t fork’ed anything so I’m not sure how it works, but I’m sure you can have some fun there.

WebGL Playground/

Google Code has some samples too.

Finally, you can check the contributors list to WebGL. Warning though, you might spend way too much time there than you’d like. :wink:

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awesome :slight_smile:

maybe now i will learn shader language much easier :stuck_out_tongue:

I see my contribution has been tweeted :slight_smile:

@KayTrance said:
I see my contribution has been tweeted :)

Yeah you know Erlend is crawling this forum like a google bot ;)

Nice find! You can find the 3D ones in presets dropbox towards the bottom.

This is definitely useful, Thanks!