Shaderblow won't install :(


For some reason i can’t install the shaderblow library. I get the message:

The Plugin Installer found problem timeout of loading shaderblowlib[shaderblow/0.1.1469] while install the following plugins:


i use JmonkeyEngine 3, on ubuntu 14.04

I have no clue how to fix this, can someone help me?

Make sure you don’t have a firewall / virus protection and/or configure it to let the sdk pass through.

I had the very same problem and was a long time not able to install junit under linux/ubuntu.
Make sure that java, javac and all that stuff do have the execute flag set. I had to do this after installation of jmonkey manualy and it solved the problem, I’m pretty sure you have the same problem.

I think here, not sure:

It didn’t help :frowning: It downloads the package, but won’t unpack it :S

chmod +x jmonkeyplatform/jdk/jre/bin/*

exactly that was the directory.

I see that 3.1 do not have this problem anymore, or at least I was able to install junit without any problem :smile: