ShaderBlowEx - extended filters library

Sup everyone. I put together a little library of filters you may be interested in. They come from many different places, some I have written myself, some are ported or taken directly from the Hub. So many thanks to everyone who contributed - even involuntarely. All credits are placed on the Github page.

The name refers to the good old ShaderBlow library, but in fact it has nothing to do with it. I wanted to make filters I needed, but also save from oblivion couple of great filters that were posted on HUB but got burried. So if you know any cool effect that isn’t included and was posted on the hub feel free to post a link.

The store:


  1. BetterToneMap - over 35 tonemapping algorithms.
  2. BetterColorCorrection - improved color correction. Thanks to Micheldb
  3. BetterDepthOfField - Better DoF. Thanks to vinexgames
  4. BetterGroundFogFilter. Thanks to Samwise
  5. BleachFilter - washout effect you may know from movies like Minority Report or Saving Private Ryan.
  6. BokehDoFFilter - simpler DoF. Works better than the core one on lower settings.
  7. RadialHaloGlow - silly radial blur effect.
  8. BetterVignette - vignette + radial blur + radial grayscale.
  9. PixelArt - turn you game into a pixelart game. 4bit palette (over 15 to choose), pixelization, outline, scanline.
  10. Posterization - simple toonification effect.
  11. SimpleBloom - Works better than the core one on lower settings.
  12. WhiteBloom - Works better with brighter scenes.
  13. DLAA - Antialiasing.
  14. NFAA - Antialiasing.
  15. Air - my favourite tbh. It’s the effect you may know from Blender where it is called Atmosphere. Simple effect based on Fog which desaturated and tints distant objects. Very useful for big open scene to add some air depth.
  16. TV - tv effects like scanlines, vignette, grain, glitches.
  17. MipmapBloom - very nice bloom. Thanks to Apollo
  18. SimpleSSR - simplified general SSR effect. Thanks to RiccardoBlb and rickard.
  19. OilPaint effect - aka Kuwahara effect.
    Each filter comes with a test you use not only to test it but also to calibrate it. Very useful with ToneMapping and ColorCorrection. I added also a test State which you may use runtime to properly implement this pair of filters.

p.s. The library is in a beta state. There are a lot of bugs probably. Some filter are very unoptimized - especially PixelArt.


i like your work, and i like your new avatar :smiley:

also to mention → very important is to have this filters/shaders working on most amount of video cards.(that require some testing) not just optimization.

True. They all target glsl 110. Also I run them through glslValidator.


Looks nice :slightly_smiling_face:

You may also want this,

Adding below links just in case you may find them interesting for making an artistic effect (Hand-drawn) :

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Thanks. I tried to use this SMAA implementation. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. It does bad things to colors. Will look into this handrawn effect thou.

True. They all target glsl 110. Also I run them through glslValidator.

nice. :slight_smile:

btw. I think 330 is already working in most computers, it had been like 8-10 years ago, when i had to purchuase GLSL 3+ shader video card to run some game.

I think 330 is already working in most computers

Also true but there are mobiles. Also it requires additional work on the shaders which I prefer to utilize on making more of them. The only filter that would benefit from higher standard is the PixelArt IMO. Thats the only place where 110 backstabbed me.

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Another effect

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Yeah, please port and add that one to the library. I’ve been using a modified version of it for a while and it’s a night and day difference when compared to the default bloom. If someone ports it, it might even make sense to replace the default bloom in the core with that one.

“Night and day” difference in looks or in performance?

Looks for sure. Someone already posted images. It looks great. I wouldnt touch the old one thou. It’s crappy but relatively cheap.

Another effect MipmapBloomFilter

Done. Already pushed it. There was something wrong with its vert shaders and versions. Some passes targeted 110 some 150. Also default values were messed up. Now it seems ok. P.S. Test included


In looks. Performance wise it’s probably worse, as it does multiple passes.

Too bad… so I guess it’s not a good idea to replace the default bloom.

for me standard bloom is not perfect but looks ok anyway.

Bumping with 2 new filters: SimpleSSR and OilPaint.